Almost everyone is using Skype for making calls or catching up with friends across the globe. Skype brought a revolution in the world by making the world smaller where people could see what was happening on the other side of the world without having to be physically there. Skype has not only strengthened social relationships but has also managed to maintain business empires making it possible for people who are worlds apart to work in the same company in the effort to accomplish a similar goal.

For me, this is one of the software that has brought the reality of technology closer to us. The only thing that most people wish is that Skype could be able to record every form of conversation that it supports. Unfortunately, Skype does not guarantee to record any kind of conversation that you have.

It is not always that people will record Skype conversations with a malicious though or with malice being the underlying factor. Most often than not, most people will record these calls for memory purposes which is not a bad thing. We love keeping memories from the past; people have kept letters written to them by their loved ones.

Since letters were overtaken by time, people can only keep digital memories. Third party developers have come in play to ensure that you are able to record all your Skype calls with Talkhelper Skype Recorder, either audio or video. It makes it possible for you to enjoy the privilege of recording your …



1. What TVs can I mount ScreenDeck on?
– ScreenDeck is designed for most 30” to 37” flat screen TVs and 37″ to 47″ flat screen TVs with 150x150mm to 400x400mm VESA standard screw hole patterns.

– Additionally, on flat screen TVs 50″ or over, ScreenDeck will fit on any TV with horizontal VESA holes 400mm to 800mm apart.

2. Can I mount ScreenDeck on a wall-mounted or a stand-mounted TV?
– ScreenDeck is designed for freestanding TVs and is not recommended for use with wall mounts.

3. What is the maximum weight I can put on ScreenDeck?
– Recommended maximum weight is 5 lbs.
– Be sure to keep things on ScreenDeck evenly & properly balanced.

4. How do I know what screws to use on my TV?
– Please consult your TV manual to choose the proper screw size.

-Do not use screws that are longer that your manual recommends and to do not screw screws in too tightly to your TV.

5. Why are there different sizes of screws in the package?
– Different screws (M6 or M8) are included to accommodate different TVs with M6 or M8 sized screw holes. Each TV requires only one set of M6 or M8 screws, not both.

6. Can I put my DVD player or DVR on ScreenDeck?
– It is recommended to only put things on ScreenDeck that are no larger than ScreenDeck and weigh 5 lbs or less.

7. I lost my screws, where can I get


About Us:

Able Bay is a small & innovative company that creates unique products & exciting experiences for consumer electronics

ScreenDeck is an Able Bay, Inc. brand


For information, contact:


Able Bay, Inc.
P.O. Box 697
Walnut, California  91788-9998
Tel 888-338-3379…


[Update 4/24] Screen recording software is all about helping you to record whatever business that may be happening on your screen, be it game play, video tutorial, or screen capture and more. I also understand that as much as you would love to record your screen, you could be lacking ideas on best screen recorder  you could use on your Windows.

As there is quite much different software that you can use to start recording your PC, right away! Whether you want to record presentations, or stream online games, there’s third party apps that can do all that effortlessly and perfectly. So if you’re feeling stuck, here is the best screen recorder software for windows that will do the job very well. And the good news is, in this article, we break down each one of them and what they are capable of doing once you get them on your PC to start recording and taking screen shots.

Don’t you stop; just continue reading below to find out the best recorder you could install on your computer!

1). Screen Flow Screen Record


Screen flow is the most powerful solution for screen capture and editing screen captures on Windows. It’s not only can you record your webcam and screen at the same time; you can as well simultaneously record anything from your screen and additional microphone. This top screen recording software is really high powered video editing solution especially for screen captures, there things you can do so easily with …


 ScreenDeck is an easy to install top shelf for flat screen TV accessories.  ScreenDeck mounts easily to the VESA mount standard screw hole patterns on flat panel televisions. ScreenDeck is great for placement of Video Game Sensors, Small Media Players, Remotes, Webcams, Center Channel Speakers, HD Antennas, Soundbars and other small accessories for your TV.

ScreenDeck comes in 3 sizes:
ScreenDeck – for 30″ to 37″ TVs          MSRP $39.99     Part # ABISCDECK1012
ScreenDeck – for 37″ to 47″ TVs          MSRP $39.99     Part # ABISCDECK1011
ScreenDeck – for 50″ TVs and above    MSRP $59.99     Part # ABISCDECK1013


 50″ TVs & above            –            37″ to 47″ TVs           –            30″ to 37″ TVs

  What does ScreenDeck fit on?
   ScreenDeck for 30″- 37″ TVs & ScreenDeck for 37″- 47″ TVs are compatible with the following VESA hole patterns:
  • 150mm x 150mm   (150mm=5.9″)
  • 200mm x 200mm   (200mm=7.9″)
  • 250mm x 250mm   (250mm=9.9″)
  • 300mm x 300mm   (300mm=11.9″)
  • 350mm x 350mm   (350mm=13.8″)
  • 400mm x 400mm   (400mm=15.8″)
   ScreenDeck for 50″ TVs & above is for flat screen TVs with horizontal VESA patterns from 400mm to 800mm
    ScreenDeck includes all mounting hardware and 2 cable management clips
  • ScreenDeck is for freestanding flat screen TVs & not designed for use with wall mounts
  • Maximum recommended weight on ScreenDeck is 5 lbs
  • Objects much larger than ScreenDeck itself should not be placed on it